I have been around churches for 38 years at the time of writing. I have experienced many churches, faith groups and forms of Christian community. Some have been positive and a true source of blessing; some negative and abusive; some neutral and nice. But one thing they all have in common is that they are formed under the influence of their leadership – one way or another Leadership.

My hope with this site is that it might become a place where conversations occur and connections are made regarding the value of positive leadership styles which will enhance Gospel impact with regard to personal lives, processes of discipleship and mission strategy.

I believe there is need for Christian leaders to be value-led and servant-modelled. Their values and servant-hood needs to be centred upon the person and teachings of Jesus in order to be as effective in releasing the church to understand, grasp and apply the gospel in all aspects of life, faith and society. The Gospel has failed to massively impact society as a whole in our generation and we need to be asking WHY this is the case.

Within the scriptures all the NT writers centre upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As I observe many contexts and have experienced many expressions of the Church I am concerned that their is a disconnect between the following components:

  • Our understanding and application of the Centrality of Jesus
  • Our understanding and application of ‘the Gospel’
  • Our understanding and outworking of Discipleship
  • Our understanding and practice of mission in today’s world

I hope that we can explore these together and come to understand how they can and do fit together in perfect balance to glorify Jesus and extend the kingdom of God preached by Christ and the apostles in every generation.


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