Christian mission differs from every other mission because it takes the person of Jesus into all the world. Christian mission is essential to the world. There are many reasons why we need to be involved in Christian mission. Here are but a few example reasons. Feel free to add more in the comments below:

It spreads the Gospel of Jesus into a world full of need

Christian mission is a message about a man who is God. Only God can meet the needs of the world. Our mission calls the world to turn back to God in order to bring him into the mess of every person’s life. Without Jesus the world will be spiritually and practically hungry and thirsty – all societies need Jesus.

It calls Christians out of comfort into dependency on Jesus

Living a life of mission is not easy. It is a hard path. Read any missionary biography; speak with those who do share their faith – it can be very difficult. Jesus did not promise comfortable faith: He invites us into a faith which requires perseverance and faith which will be tested. Mission causes us to leave our comfort zone and into situations where we need to rely on Jesus to survive.

It calls the Church to stand up and speak out

The mission is a message about a man called Jesus. Every message needs to be presented. We need to stand up and act out the gospel, but we also need to articulate and speak out the Gospel to the world. How will they know unless they hear?

It relies on our weakness and God’s strength

The mission of God is fraught with difficulties. When we stand up and speak out there will be times when we are out of our depths and comfort zones: In these times we are functioning in our weakness, but we also can rely on the strength of God to do what he has called us to do. God’s strength is made evident in our weakness.

The World is lost without the Gospel

It is the most obvious reason. the gospel compels us to participate in the mission of God because it highlights that the world is lost: lost in darkness; lost to relationship with God; lost in the meaningless of life without God. LOST!


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