Church – Bible = Death of the Church

This may seem over-simplified but let me explain: Faith comes by allowing yourself to  be subjected to the scriptures. Without the scriptures being unfolded in gatherings the gathered church cannot thrive spiritually.  It may grow numerically if the leaders are skilled leaders or organisers, but the spiritual life of that church will be choked like a seed stuck in weeds.

How did Jesus respond to life’s temptations: “it is written”! Written where? In the scriptures.

When Jesus spoke in the synagogue what did he do? He opened the scroll of scripture,  read it and explained it to those gathered.

For the church to glorify God (all-life worship), grow as disciples and go out in mission with the gospel of Jesus the words of God must be opened, read and clearly explained in layman’s terms.

Without scripture we will spiritually choke and die.


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