2014 has been a rollercoaster of a ride – not always thrilling, but with a number of highs and lows.


PhotoHaving a chapter published in a book on discipleship. I wrote a short chapter called When the Gospel is Not good News in “Make, Mature, Multiply” (Ed. Brandon Smith). If interested, you can find out more about it at http://www.gcdiscipleship.com or you can buy it here.

Turning 40 and having one of my oldest friends join us to celebrate. Then sharing a great holiday in Scotland with him and his family

Seeing some good friends getting married and celebrating with them.

Completing four Masters modules, ready to commence the dissertation in January 2015.


Transitioning from our old church in March. This was made particularly difficult by leadership advising our friends in that community to ‘create distance’ from our family because this was the thought to be the ‘healthiest way to proceed’. This really broke my heart and I am still processing the events and having to keep resting in Christ as the best example of Christian leadership.

Going through a nine month organisational restructure and having to apply for my job again (third time in 4.5 years!). Finally offered a job.

What have I learned through in 2014?

There are many small lessons of which I could write, but you may not have the time or inclination to read that much, so I will share a few things:

  1. God is faithful: We can rest in his fellowship and security even when we do not sense his presence
  2. Perseverance is a must: Never give up on God’s promises to you. He is faithful to the hilt and will lead us through dark and difficult times.
  3. Character: God is more concerned about HOW we handle situations than he is about what we achieve. There is much conversation regarding being involved in big visions. God is more concerned that we simply live like Jesus.
  4. That I still have much to learn!!!

Moving onwards and upwards in 2015

I have been reflecting on the above points over the past 24 hours as I go about my daily business. What strikes me is that all of the above are perfectly ordinary things in life – being creative; celebrating life events; work; character; faith; studies. Perhaps God is not wanting us to follow or achieve the “next big thing”. Perhaps he wants to meet us and use us in the small everyday aspects of life?

I have spent my life wanting to make an impact on the world around me. I was taught that this was what it meant to follow Jesus. I’m sure many of us were taught this. But…

…As I look back and see how God has used me it has usually been one moment at a time in the ordinary circumstances of life.

Hope for 2015

In 2015 may we move from leaving a legacy to living a Christ-Centred life.

May we move from trying to do the impossible to living in the possible.

May we move from focus on the future to loving in the present.

My hope for 2015 is that I might participate in God’s work by living a Christ-centred life of love in the ordinary possible moments each and every day.

May you be blessed by God in 2015 in all the everyday tasks and circumstances you find yourself in.

Every Blessing



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