This morning I got up early to go for a run. This is not my usual practice, but recently I have begun feeling sluggish and slow so I set the alarm for 6am and dragged my tired self out of bed. I crept downstairs, out the back door and began to run.

I was met this morning by the warmth of the sun! Beautiful, shining, warm.


The sun shining at the start of another new day

So I started to jog. I should have known better – the first track on my playlist was called “It’s killing me”! At one point I was running so slow that I am sure my running App told me to give up and go home!! I denied the urge and persevered. Persevering is kind of a big deal of importance in this life.

At the end of my run I sat on the pavement near my house and just did nothing. Stopped. Sat. And closed my eyes.

Want to know what I heard?

Birds singing to one another. I heard peacefulness. The morning was still. The moment was bliss. Joy began to arise with the warmth of the rising sun.


Hi, this is me after my run, sitting in the sun

As I sat enjoying the warmth and peace my mind wandered into thoughts of the coming day. Would I feel this peace as I worked? Would I have this stillness once my children wake up?! Would I recall this warmth when I am later sat in an office?

Moments like this are just that: they are moments. They are given to us in order to revive and refresh our souls. They renew our hope. They refill our emotional bank.

I sat for a whole 10 minutes feeling that shining sun and it really did bring joy. You know later, when I’m working or getting stressed with the kids: I will stop and recall that feeling and draw it into my day.

Feel the sun. Feel joy. Feel peace.

May you come to feel joy throughout the day whether you are living in a shadow or sitting in the sun.


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