Maksud and I were sitting in a little Deli having some food and great conversation. The sun was shining. The food was tasty. The conversation was energising (sometimes it’s our conversations that bring joy!). We started talking about joy (because I’m reflecting on it a lot at the moment and we all tend to talk about what interests us). I mention my blog about memories.

Maksud says to me “D’you know a great way to recall your positive memories?”

I begin thinking about psychology, philosophical concepts and theological truths, but I have to admit I’m stumped – I don’t know a great way. I use my memory.

I’ll get to Maksud’s response in a moment.

The problem with memory is that it often fades with time – I’m in my forties and this happens a lot! We all know loved ones who’s memories have diminished due to illness, accidents or other (sometimes life sucks – it’s one reason for pursuing joy). Memories in themselves are great, but we may not always retain them. A friend on Facebook responded to the last post by saying,

“I feel encouraged today to pop my joyful memories DVD into my DVD player brain drive and take some time to bask in the residual joy” (Judy).

I loved that – it brought me so much joy and encouragement! What’s in your joyful memories DVD today? Bask in them. Linger in them for a moment. Recall and pull out all the positive emotion and thoughts they can gift to you today. Recall.

We can recall memories if we are able. Maksud’s idea was even better than memory recall (that’s why I’m sharing it!).


Squirrel photographSay ” Aw nuts Dad!!!”

Plain and simple – photographs.

Print off your greatest times and memories. The look through them regularly. Show them to your kids.

I went home from work that night and I looked at some albums. I got up the next morning and showed some to my son – his face lit up as he recalled a family holiday in Italy (especially the photo of him with Peepo the Tuscan hound!).

peepo the dog

Not Peepo!

I went a step further: I took a photo of my favourite photos and created a special times folder on my phone – these memories are with me wherever I go – beware people: I am likely to whip out the phone and unleash them on you at some point when we meet!!

My 101joys challenge today is to encourage you to look through some of your photo albums and see be aware of the feelings you have when you do so – feel free to share your thoughts and comments (and indeed your ideas of what brings you joy). Thanks Maksud for a great idea, and Judy for your encouragement.

As you recall your memories; as you take this journey in pursuit of joy may the well of joy within you become a mighty rushing river in your soul. Have a wonderfully joyful day wherever you are.


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  1. Monroe Avatar

    Tengo 41 años y me hayo aprendiendo inglés más o
    menos 5 años. El relato lo he encontrado perfecto para la
    memorización del inglés. Me ha sido muy ventajoso.
    Lo voy a anexionar a mis favoritos. Le agradezco por el


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