Have you ever faced a circumstance of life that has proven to be rather difficult? Life is like that sometimes:

Sometimes we find ourselves in a ‘circumstance’.

Sometimes things just don’t work out.


The natural thing to do in such times is to attack or retreat:

We lash out at those who are hurting us. We fight. We shout and scream. Although it’s often our first response, we find that this hurts us more than it hurts those we aim to attack. Hatred and attack never do you any good. They only make matters worse.

We might be inclined to retreat. We run away. We want to hide. This also hurts us more than those who place us in a circumstance. It hurts us because we find ourselves running away from the opportunity to grow.

We grow by handling the circumstance circumspectly.

We grow by looking at our own part in the formation of the circumstance.

We grow by trusting God IN the circumstance rather than apart from it.

dark clouds

Where there is a dark cloud on the horizon there is the still small voice of God calling out to you.

Where there is a goliath taunting you, there is God preparing a ‘David’ within you to handle it God’s way.

Where there is hatred and hurt there is the love of God that covers a multitude of sins.

Where there is the desire to run away there is the presence of God in which to healthily hide away. This is temporal, and from this place we come out stronger in God’s love, grace and mercy to handle our storms.

Jesus is not just for the good times you face – he’s there for you in the hard times too. He really is.

Psalm 91 reminds us that it is in the very presence of God that we find strength and protection. God is big enough to handle every circumstance you have ever, or will ever face. He is your strength and your refuge. He is your strong tower. His great promises are your strength and your protection (Psalm 91:4).

Whatever your circumstances today, may you know the reality that God is big enough to bring you through.



2 responses to “God is big enough…”

  1. Nick Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this! It was a timely read. 😃


  2. Stuart Mc Avatar

    Cheers Nick – I’ve had Psalm 91 milling in my mind for a few days and it sparked the thoughts that I threw out. Glad this sparks are firing for you this evening. May the presence of Jesus simply speak powerfully into your circumstances this week. Cheers for the encouragement. In Jesus, Stu.


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