I recently watched “The Lone Ranger” (the recent Disney movie). There is frequent use of the phrase “the age of progress”. The movie is set in America during a time of great change – the railroad is about to open up new business markets as it creates lines throughout the vast country! Progress is here to stay! As with any time of progress there were those who were cynical and sceptical, as well as those who were literally jumping on the band-wagon.



These two words have a beautiful link to one another – like a double helix. Change requires progress to be made – you cannot have one without the other. Whether we are considering Organisational Change (OC) or making personal changes we need to know what progress is required. Change needs a direction! It needs a vision of the future to drive it forward into the brave new world!

In this context progress is VISION. It is seeing the future you desire. Vision inspires and enthuses us. It helps us to stay on track when we feel like giving up.

Coaching for progress

Progress requires us to stop and think about what we want. It causes us to list our desired future state and to articulate it in simple terms. You should be able to see the progress you would like to make. Perhaps you are reading this thinking “but I have no idea what progress I need or want to make!” You are not alone! Most of us struggle to know where we are heading next.  This is why coaching is a helpful process. Coaching allows us to process our thoughts and feelings and to channel our time and energy into understanding ourselves in a way that makes the future easier to comprehend

The Value of Understanding Vision

There are many benefits of having a life vision and knowing what progress you want to make. Here are seven benefits of having Vision for your life or organisation:

  • It focuses your attention on what is important
  • It helps us to persevere when the going gets tough
  • It clarifies our lives and defines who we are
  • It enables us to say “No” when other things are outwith our purpose
  • It helps us to develop confidence, competence and excellence.
  • It yields fruit – we reap the benefit and achieve!
  • It makes life more meaningful, which in turn makes us happier people!

Perhaps you have never thought about having a vision for your life: There’s no day like today to start dreaming, daring and doing!



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