One Good Thing

Every now and again we all get down in the dumps with life, relationships, work or even hobby interests. It can be so easy at times to slip into a negative spiral of toxic thinking – we are only human after all!!

So when (not if!) you get into that down time how do you get out of it? (you might wish to share your ideas in the comments section below?)

One of my favourite things to do is as follows:

I remind myself of ‘one good thing’ that is not negative

This might seem like a small thing, and you’re right it is: but often it is the one small thing that can make the biggest difference. I have many “one good things” that I remind myself of:

  • My Grandfathers’ advice to count my blessings
  • My grandfather dancing a silly dance
  • My children and wife – they are my reason for working hard
  • The North star on a dark cloudless night
  • a recent success at work
  • A recent personal breakthrough

The list could go on.

When we begin to recall that one good thing it’s amazing how many one small things come to mind. These can lift our spirits and help us to begin raising our hearts and heads and holding them up high.

So, what is your ‘one good thing’? Feel free to comment below – you may name that one small thing that lifts another readers head and heart to look once again into the warmth of the shining sun.


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