Have you ever just looked around you and seen the immense amount of creativity there is in the world? From art to architecture; dance to design technology; fiction to flower arranging – there is creativity everywhere. Why is it that humanity has pushed the boundaries of creativity and artistic expression? It is simply that we are created to be creative. Our minds are designed to concieve of new ideas; words; images; designs; etc.

Creativity is an amazing gift that is wider in humans that in any other species. Beavers can create innovative dams, but they don’t paint, draft plans, or sculpt with clay. Humans can paint; sketch; sculpt; write; design; and so much more. We were endowed with a creative gene. It is in our DNA to be creative. With this in mind is it any wonder that when we create sonething we odften have an immense amount of pleasure and joy? Not only that, we help others to also experience great joy through what we create.

I recall the first time I saw Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night in Paris: It absolutely blew me away! As I entered the gallery the lights were low and my eyes had to adjust. I looked ahead and there it was, directly on front of me, shining incandescently. My jaw hit the floor and I can only describe that moment as deeply beautiful. The original painting in all it’s spendour brought an inner smile to my heart and soul. The joy at seeing it was a truly wonderful and emotional experience for me – creativity can do that for us.

This is not just true for classic pieces of art: it’s true for your own creativity too. When you write a poem; make christmas cards; or sketch your spouse it releases joy within you. Why? Because you were created to be creative.

But why should you be creative? Here’s a few reasons:

Creativity helps you unleash and realise your true potential
Being creative improves mental health
Creativity develops our sense of purpose
Creativity pushes us to be a better version of ourselves
Creativity cvan be a positive outlet for processing our negative experiences
There are many more great reasons for being creative – what reasons do you have? (let me know in the comments below).

Why not also choose a way of being creative. Craft something and then reflect on the feeling the end product gives you – you never know: it might just release some joy within you.

Until next time, keep smiling and live with joy.


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