Make good choices, not bad excuses


I find that I require little reminders like this on  a frequent basis.  It’s easy to stop trying, to sit on our laurels,  to just give up.

It’s easy to  find excuses for non-achievement,  non-fulfilment and non-productivity.  We seem to be wired to shift blame from ourselves onto other people or situations.

As long as we do this we will always be in a state of internal conflict.  Our drive for happiness will contend with our desire to quit.

Some goals and dreams are too big and important to be quit on: Goals such as having strong,  loving relationships; growing professionally; becoming a better person; passing that exam; etc.

Don’t quit.
Don’t make excuses.

Do persevere.
Do make a way.

Achievement is a choice. A series of choices to be precise!

May you have strength to make hard choices over and over. And may you choose always to never make excuses in order to reach and surpass your goals.


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