I have been thinking about this a lot recently: PERSEVERANCE. Even the word sounds difficult… Perseverance. Sometimes life will get difficult – severely difficult. Life does not care about whether you can cope or not – it will continue to throw curve-balls at you. It will continue to test you to see what you are made of.

We only really need to persevere when life is a struggle – perseverance is not required when life is going well.

I have found this recently. The past few months have been very testing: I’ve had to work hard at relationships when they have been strained; I’ve gone through organisational restructure at work, and reapplied for my job (thankfully, with success); I’m writing the dissertation to my Masters programme and it is a drain on my energy, but…

…I keep on going. This is the nature of perseverance: we keep on keeping on despite the difficulties!

When you persevere you find that you have more strength than you previously thought you had.

When you keep on going you develop mental toughness and strengthen your resilience.

Persevering makes you STRONGER, and that in itself is a great motivation for persevering.


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