What on heaven and earth are you breathing in?!

I don’t know where you live! You might be in the city, or have the luxury of fresh air in the countryside. One thing is certain – right now you are breathing! At least you should be – if you’re not then I hate to inform you, you are now dead! The air you take into your lungs determines how healthy you are to a small degree. I used to live in London and travelled frequently on the underground trains. After such a trip I would blow my nose and (please excuse me here?!) it was a mixture of snot and black dust from the trains. It was gross!

Alternatively, I used to spend Summers on Shetland. I always had a cough for about a week as I breathed in the fresh sea air. What was happening was that the garbage in my lungs from the city was being cleared out by the fresh air! As this occurred I was aware that I was breathing deeper after a week or two.

We need to breathe, but what we breath in will affect our respiration system.

And Spiritually  – what are you breathing in right now? Are you filling your spiritual lungs with garbage? – pornography, trivia, ‘issues’, arguments, , etc. Or are they filled with Good God stuff like faith, creativity, positivity, etc?

The word for Spirit in the bible related to ‘breath’. Adam and Eve came to life when they received the very breath of God. We are encouraged in the New Testament to ‘be filled with the Holy Spirit’. God desires to breath deeply upon us so that we will be ALIVE in him. It’s not enough to just struggle along coughing like me on the London Underground – he wants us to breathe in his presence, to eat and drink of Him so that his breath flows out of us and into the world around us.

So, how’s your respiration system? Get with God today – seek to be filled daily as you rest in His presence. Jesus ascended to the right hand of God the Father and then he SENT the Holy Spirit so that we would not struggle to survive life alone. Take time out to be with God and just breathe…


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