With God, Life is ‘turnaroundable’

Sometimes life can seem overwhelming. Difficult. A trial.

Don’t you just wish sometimes that there was a hero – a real superhero to swoop in and save the day?

Psalm 14 ends with this saying:

Is there anyone around to save Israel? Yes: God is around; God turns life around (The Message)

Here lies a great truth and a promise to hold. There is a hero to turn things around. God. Creator of the universe and holder of all things. A God who is there – always there in amazing omnipresent power: Able and willing to save!

Keep on calling out to him.

Keep on trusting Him.

Keep on looking to Him with expectant and patient faith in His character and dependability. If you are connected with God and place your trust in him then you are His Israel; His Church. His holy people, called by name to be his child. As such His love reaches out to you in saving grace and love.

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Don’t listen to the negative voices that say God isn’t there for you – he is! Don’t listen to those who say there is no God (Psalm 14:1) – there is, and he is here for you now. Even in the midst of your pain God is reaching out to you to lead you and guide you through whatever you face – he is actively looking for people like you who will choose to call on his great name (Psalm 14:2) so don’t stop believing (cue for a song!) and seeking his face.

Salvation will come (Psalm 4:7) and it will come from God.


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