Ever have those moments when your head is full of worry, anxiety and stress when you look at the world around you? I know I certainly do! It’s so easy to feel like you are drowning. We all have times like this – so how should a follower of Jesus respond to such moments?
One of the key discipleship principles Jesus consistently taught was to have ‘faith (in God) not fear’. All through the bible we see this theme – Jesus was always telling his followers to ‘fear not’, ‘worry not’, and to ‘have faith in God’. Jesus understands our human psyche and he meets us in our weaknesses and in our need. He does this gently and compassionately, and never with condemnation.
A few days ago I was really blessed in reading Psalm 37 because it offers some great points to help us with anxiety and stress:

Do not fret

Three times the writer states “Do not fret…” (vs 1, 7, 8) when you look around and see much wickedness and bad news. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but it is possible to change fearful fretting to fiery faith

Three little remedies

v3. Trust in the LORD, and do good.
v4. Delight yourself in the LORD (make the Lord your delight!)
v5. Commit your ways to the LORD

Yes, but how?

v7. Be still before God and wait on him
v34. Wait for the LORD
I love this phrase ‘wait on the LORD’ – it means to spend time deliberately with Him. It means tarrying with him; hanging out with Him; listening to Him and learning from Him; Loving His presence and all that comes with Him. It is being with Him long enough to see His character; his love; his solutions. It is being enveloped by him and reassured that he holds all of the world with it’s worries and its wonders in His strong, love-filled hands.

And so…

As you look at the world and people around you today may you find peace in God’s presence – a peace that melts fears, worries and anxiety – and may you draw close to Him.
The name of the LORD is a strong tower

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