Life is full of ups and downs – get used to that!

Dear Children,

We are often encouraged to ‘build the life we want’ or to ‘create the identity we desire’, but life can have it’s way of reminding us that it is complex and has it’s hardships for everyone. Do not believe that everyone else is okay – trust me, they are not. The person next to you in class or in the queue may look sorted, but they will also be fighting their giants and wrestling their own demons! Show grace to those around you – they might need it right now!

Life is in reality, made of ups and downs – one day you will be smiling, and the next you might just be hit by bad news. Don’t worry. It will be okay. Bad times pass just as good times do. You will be dumped by partners; you might fail at some stuff that’s important to you – it will be okay. You will get through the shit (if you are willing to pick yourself up! Let other people pick you up if you need that – it’s okay to depend on other people. The world will tell you that you need to stand on your own two feet; that you need to walk independent of others – this is rubbish! We as humans are made to be INTER-dependent – you need other people to bring their strength to your life, and you need to also be willing to give your strength to help those around you. Please do not be a lone wolf. Do not be an island. You are meant to enjoy deep relationship with other trusted people around you.

When life is hard do not be afraid to ask for help – asking for support and help is not a sign of weakness- it is a sign of great strength – lions do not hunt alone, but in groups. Be a lion! Life has it’s great mountaintop moments, but it also has its dark days -expect both and decide today how you will handle them.

Love from,

Someone who cares deeply x


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