So last month there were so many posts about being kind and looking out for one another. This month we have reports of people fighting over paracetamol and toilet paper as they seek to ‘hoard essentials’ in fear of the Coronavirus. Isn’t it heartbreaking?

It’s so easy to be kind when life is good; turns out it’s harder when difficulties arise. But it’s when life is tough that kindness is most needed. It’s when fear arises that love needs to be shown. A great teacher once said ‘perfect love casts out all fear’. Coronavirus seems scary to so many people. Rather than fighting alone because of fear, fight fear together with love and kindness – they really do make all the difference to an individual’s world. What does kindness look like?

Kindness is sharing what little you have with others around you,
Kindness is the reassuring smile of a colleague in the workplace, Or a stranger in the street.
Kindness is a note of encouragement left on a desk.
Kindness is giving away your last toilet roll.
Kindness is you knocking on your neighbours door to check they are okay.
Kindness is boundless, beneficial and utterly beautiful.

Share kindness today x


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