I thought I would share my recent thoughts around the #coronavirus as people think about self isolating and the world locks down. There’s a lot of worry and anxiety, stress and confusion. The future feels daunting and uncertain. Here’s my advice in a nutshell – along with some of my recent life messages:


This might appear a tad optimistic,but what’s the alternative – find misery? In all things there is a silver lining, or a reason to smile. Yes, sometimes the silver lining comes after the harshness of an event, but often it accompanies the cloud.

So, look for joy, kindness, love.
Look for opportunities to help the person next to you.
Share humour with your mates (even if it needs to be via a video call).
Share a good book.
Send a gift.
Have a birthday party for someone who isn’t having a birthday.
Look at how green the sun makes the leaves on the tree outside your house.
Have a tickle fight.
Use extra time to make those sketches or start writing that training course.
Enjoy silence.
Run (if you can get out).
Whatever brings you joy… look for and do those things.
The sun is still shining behind those clouds


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