Life is made of ups and downs. We walk through each of them with our head held high to the best of our ability. Do not fear hard days or get caught up in the ‘this always (and only) happens to me’ – everyone faces hard times.

That’s hard to believe when scrolling through social media looking at ‘insta-lives’. The insta-life is a curation of the life someone wants you to see – it is one side of the coin of life and it’s not always reality.

Resilience | determination | perseverance

In life it is ESSENTIAL to develop determination to keep on moving; resilience when you fall down; and perseverance to pick yourself up. These are character traits we can CHOOSE to build into our lives. When we choose to build determination, resilience and perseverance INTO our lives they in turn build UP our lives.

Friends, whether you are currently fearing COVID-19 or facing your own personal Everest (physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally) keep walking forward – soon these current trials will be behind you and life’s vista views of beauty will be before you. Don’t let them overcome you or steal the beauty from your soul – learn from them in order to grow through them. If you do that, the next time you face that issue you will face it stronger and wiser. As you go through your problems choose to grow through your problems.

“Choice, not chance, determines your destiny”

Enjoy the journey 👣

Keep on keeping on – you’re gonna make it!

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