Use your words wisely to build yourself and others up

The words we say and use are vitally important because they will either build ourselves and others up, or break them down; they can wound a friend or make them feel wonderful.

Words can transform a person’s emotions, wellbeing and thought patterns for better or for worse.

What words would you use to describe yourself? – are they helpful for your own sense of worth, confidence and esteem?

What phrases turn in your head when things are not going well? Can you identify the negative voices and words in your heart that break you down?

Take those phrases, snap them in half, and recreate your own thoughts that build you up.

You are everybody’s equal, and you have the potential to be very content, happy and thriving in life. Give yourself messages and words that reenforce it.

As you travel your journey through life will you use your words to empower and strengthen your relationships?

For all of us the battle with words will be a lifelong battle. The words we use are chosen in complex ways, being influenced by our circumstances, emotions, historical baggage, and relationships (to name a few key influencers). Don’t beat yourself us if you struggle with this – like most people I also make messes with my words at times. The key in this is to clean up the mess quickly with words, actions and tones of kindness, love and respect.

May our words and thoughts build up ourselves and others around us.

Enjoy the journey 👣


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