It’s loneliness that’s the silent killer (and friendship is the vaccine)

Never ever do life alone – humans are social creatures with the strong need of friendship.

We all need someone to talk with; someone to hug and hold; someone who understands us.

Over 9 million people in the UK say they feel lonely (source: Independent newspaper). Loneliness can be caused by internal factors such as low confidence and self-esteem, fear, illness, etc. Many believe that they are not worthy of other people’s attention, which can lead to isolation and a deep-rooted sense of loneliness.

Friendship, the other hand, builds up our confidence and sense of worth (and if they don’t, perhaps it’s time to find more caring friends). Friends look out for us and they give us the chance to look out for them. We grow and mature through good friendships, and our mental health improves with good friends in our lives.

What type of friend are you?

Who in your circle of influence, or neighbourhood, can you befriend?

Enjoy the journey 👣


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