Brokenness is part of humanity. Wherever you are in the world today you will see brokenness: poverty, displaced peoples, violence, mental illness, relational – the ‘broke’ list is endless!

But all around us there is something else – there is deep and profound beauty that can rekindle joy even for a moment in the darkest of times: sunsets and sunrises; music; flowers; icebergs, mars bars and fresh orange juice. Again the list of beauty at round us could be endless, and we can enjoy them despite the brokenness.

Imogen Heap | Let Go

Or perhaps like me you have experienced the harsh side of life’s many experiences. Perhaps you have been left feeling bruised, batteries and broken by a fellow human being? My experience has taught me that out of brokenness beauty can arise; out of weakness strength can come.

For some it comes through leaning into faith. For others it comes through therapeutic interventions. For a few it comes through sheer determination.

Whatever brokenness you have experienced, can I encourage you to take one small very brave step towards finding the beauty in the breakdown? The caption in the photo comes from a song called “Let go” – sometimes to find beauty in the breakdown we have to process the breakdown and then let go of it.

Whatever your life looks like, May you find the beauty in the breakdown.

Enjoy the journey 👣


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