The strength you have is not in your strength alone. There are many people out there with great strength, and yet their strength is not seen or known or used. I am one of them – you might be too.


I believe we all have latent strength within us: strength that lies dormant and awaits activation; strength that is yet untapped. I don’t mean superhuman strength (that’s a fantasy) – I mean that we are actually much stronger, more resilient, and more capable than we believe ourselves to be.

But we listen to the negative thought cycles rushing around our heads. We listen to the voices of our fears and insecurities and we choose to believe their lies.

What if your fear-voice is wrong?

What if the quiet voice within you is true?

You know… that voice that has creativity, ideas, innovation, and above all, faith in you. What if that voice speaks the truth?

A number of years ago I began writing because I believed I had something to say. I worked and I have studied to gain experience and a valid voice in the world. I began to activate my strength and explore my potential.

Our strength is only true strength when we begin to use it and activate it. The strength you have is not in your strength alone – it is in how you use it.

Are you activating the strength you have within you?

Stuartwriting | you are stronger

You have something beautiful to gift to the world and to those around you. It might be motivation; or a practical skill; or that book locked deep within you. Activate those things.

May you find the strength and encouragement to activate your strength in the world, and as you do…

…enjoy the journey 👣


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