A little reminder to keep remembering what’s important today (and every day)

Have you ever forgotten something so important that it messes with your head when you cannot remember it? I hate when that happens.

StuartWriting | What did I forget?

There are certain things we need to remember, like our partner’s birthday, facts for an exam, or remembering to go to the toilet on a regular basis.

There are other things it’s easy to forget because they aren’t part of our schema of everyday thought, like your first date anniversary (although for some this is a vital fact to recall), or your mum’s birthday.

I want to throw a reminder out to the world today. It’s something that’s very easy to forget in the daily grind, but it is vitally important to your mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as improving your general ‘happiness quotient’. It is simply this…

StuartWriting | Keep finding the joy

I saw this today as I washed my mug and turned it over to let it dry. It struck me with a laser beam of encouragement right between the eyes: FIND THE JOY.

Keep finding the joy in the little things everyday. We all find and experience joy in different ways.

How will you find the joy today?

What will spark happy emotions, thoughts and experiential moments for you today?

As you find the joy may you today enjoy the journey 👣


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