“We all wanna be loved; we all want just a little respect”. So wrote the band called DC Talk

I believe the love is the most powerful force in the entire universe. It is the life flow of anything worthwhile. It is the bloodstream of every relationship, and when love is not passing between two people the relationship dries and dies – this is why it’s important to keep love alive and invest in love. Love goes deeper than just the squishy romantic feelings of first love. It requires hard work, perseverance, time, etc.

Love is for everybody

But love is not just for romantic relationships – love is vital to all relationships, and all people. Your parents, children, friends and your teachers need to be loved. The lonely guy at number 27 needs to be loved. The nurse pulling the double shift to help save lives needs to be loved. The school bully needs to be loved. The group of plastics you criticise needs to be loved. Although we don’t hear them say it, every persons heart cries out,


StuartWriting | More love please

Humanity was created to be loved. Think about your circle of influence: who could you show love to? Who needs your time? Who needs a meal cooked for them? Who can you be a blessing to? Who can you save from loneliness?

Here are a few more wonderful aspects of love (no west end musical pun intended)

– love makes people feel secure

– love enriches every life when given without conditions

– love affirms people

– love lets others know they are not alone

– love helps to improve mental and emotional wellbeing

– love develops confidence

– love brings deep joy

May we love our neighbour as we love ourselves, and may we refuse to leave the last, the least, and the lost behind.

This post was inspired by a photo on http://www.amarelaspace.wordpress.com

Enjoy the journey 👣


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