Live life to the full. I love this phrase – it is jam-packed full of wisdom and joy and possibilities.

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Life is meant to be lived, not loathed. The choices we make everyday determine whether we will enjoy life, or endure it. How are you choosing to live your life today?

There are so many things that can try to steal your joy – bills, debts, loss, jealousy, heartache (to name a select few). Bad stuff happens to everybody, and everybody can choose how to respond to it – I have learned this from the wisdom of my experiences. I have lost time, money, friendships, happiness, and more, by choosing a negative attitude to life. But wisdom compels me to believe we can choose to live a happier life despite these setbacks, disappointments and hardships.

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It goes without saying that when we enjoy life we experience joy. A life lived to the full is a life full of joy – this helps us to be more resilient when life knocks us off our feet. Living life to the full is not about being successful, richer, or having more stuff – I believe it is about being happier, enjoying life and sharing with those around us.

When we live life to the full we begin to see life as full of opportunities to be taken, rather than obstacles to be overcome. A positive outlook creates opportunities for life to become a happier way of being. A negative outlook helps no one enjoy the life set before them.

Today, what will your approach to life be?

Are you choosing to live life to the full?

As you make your choice, enjoy the journey 👣


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