Maksud continued walking. The sun beat down mercilessly upon her back while solitary clouds evaporated as quickly as they appeared. She had walked for days without sight nor sound of any living being. Water was just a dream. Wearily she lifted her head, looking to the horizon and the setting sun. Darkness was falling, a silent shroud upon the weary shoulders of this solitary figure. And Maksud smiled as she thought ‘this is my life and this moment is beautiful’. And with that thought the sun fell and night arose.

Life is your great adventure

I wonder how you view life today? Our view of life will determine how we live it, and how we interpret the circumstances we face.

If we view life as a series of trials to be overcome we may begin to resent much of it.

If we view life as out of our control we will not take responsibility for it.

If we (like Maksud) view life as an adventure to be lived then we will embrace it – even the low points. Life can be beautiful even in the darkest hours. I don’t mean that it is easy, but rather that even in hard times there are blessings in the journey when we look for them.

A moment of beauty as I walked in the park today

Look for the joy, blessings and beauty in your life today.

Enjoy the journey


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