Say YES. Today what will you say YES to? There’s so much going on in life that sometimes we unintentionally say yes to the wrong things. We say yes to the things that hold us back, and the things that keep us bound up in pain, grief, and despair.

Say YES to living happy.

Say YES to healthy choices.

Say YES to prioritising your life partner.

Say YES to new adventures.

Say YES to finding joy.

Say YES to kindness.

Say YES to making wise choices

Say YES to helping others.

Say YES to growing in wisdom.

Say YES to exercise.

Say YES to getting out into the fresh air.

Say YES to learning.

Say YES to working hard.

Never never give up on happiness and love

Say YES to making tough choices.

Say YES to determination and perseverance.

Say YES to hope.

Say YES to life.

Why say yes?

Because you have to power to choose what you say yes to. In saying yes to the things that build up your life you are saying NO to the things that destroy your happiness in life. In saying YES to things that encourage (that word means ‘fills you with courage’) you, you are actually throwing wide the doors that will bring joy to your life!

Saying YES is a simple, effective way to attract joy, love, kindness and friendship to your life.

May you know the joy of saying yes on your life journey, and nay you have the wisdom to know when the YES needs to be used.

Enjoy the journey 👣


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