Today I feel very alive. You know… that feeling somewhere between deep contentment and cheesy bliss.

I wonder what makes you feel alive. That feeling comes to us all on occasion, and it arrives in a variety of ways.

Find what makes you feel alive

For some, it is found in the embrace of a loved one. For others it is found in beautiful places of introverted joy. Perhaps it’s found in the alignment of numerous factors that each bring a little joy, and come together in the culmination of extreme joy?

For me it was found on a beach in the freezing cold sea with the shrieks of joy and laughter touching my eardrums as starkly as the waves crashing against my skin. I’m up to my neck in the sea just feeling everything so perfectly and my world in that moment is an inner ocean of calm soaking my soul with bliss. The feeling of intense coldness just made me feel alive and happy. Seeing and hearing my family laughing giggling together added to that, with the warm shining sun covering us like icing on a cake!

StuartWriting | Feel alive

So, what makes you happy? What washes away every fear or anxiety, even if only for that moment?

Find that moment, that connection, or that experience – it will feed your soul with many memories and residual joy many times in the years to come.

Enjoy the journey 👣


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