Living life on purpose is about choosing to live life according to what makes you feel most fulfilled.

Live life on purpose

Many of us just go through life being knocked here and there in life, career and interests, without thinking about what we really want. Purpose is such an abstract concept: it is hard to pin down, which is why I love the idea of finding a sense of purpose. Purpose can change as we journey through life, although some variables will not change much. We get an idea of what makes us feel most alive; what connects us with others; what contributions we can make. These things help us define our ever-shifting sense of purpose, and to live in the joy of that purpose.

So here’s my few tips. You will need to click the links to read, but I think you will find it’s worth the read…

Finding your purpose is a real key to joy

Why knowing your purpose may well bring you joy

There are so many benefits to living life on purpose. I’ve listed a few here. Could your life benefit from having a clearer sense of purpose?

Benefits of living life on purpose

Identify what your ‘sense’ of purpose is. In Japan there’s a word used for that sense of purpose: Ikigai. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Click the link for a very practical and helpful on identifying your purpose

A practical process for finding your purpose

Hopefully this serves as a very small introduction to the idea of finding your sense of purpose. Feel free to comment and share. I’d love to know your thoughts and endeavour to answer any questions.

Enjoy the journey 👣


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