One of the things I’ve been doing throughout lockdown is finding joy in the everyday things that are around us. It has been a wonderful practice to develop.

Regularly Finding the joy in the little things helps us to develop a mindset of wonder at the beauty around us, as well as pulling our thought-world into a positive state (sometimes only for a moment).

The more we find enjoyment in the little things, the more we build up a well of joy and resilience within ourselves. Building joy also impacts and increases our level of hope that things will be okay.

But what if your life is full of pain? What about when you’re carrying trauma, or going through a hard time?

Here’s a few words from my experience of pain that I hope will encourage you…

Stuartwriting | a personal word

May we find joy in the little things each day – there is beauty, wonder and joy all around when we look closely. Enjoy the images I’ve put below – they are examples of enjoying the little things.

And Enjoy the journey 👣

Bumble bee
Clickity cluckity chicken
Canal walk
Rainy day

Even rain in the window can bring joy! 🌧


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