There is a lie we believe about joy. We are told or taught, or somehow come to believe that joy is based solely on our circumstances. I don’t know where this notion comes from, but I know it’s not true in the experiences of many people.

Watch any movie and you will notice moments of joy even in hard times.

Think about the great novels: there are moments of deep human connection, descriptions of beauty, and glimpses of grace that make us smile and warm our hearts as we turn the pages.

Joy in a storm

It is even said of Jesus that because of the joy set before him he endured the cross. That’s a strong statement – there is an endurance that leads to joy. Like many songs, The best is yet to come by Australian band Sheppard testify to this. Sometimes life can be tough, but as we stop to notice the world around us and reflect on its beauty we can experience joy on the journey. During every war the sun rises and sets on each day, bracketing the war zone in glorious light and shades of beauty. I believe some of us need to hear that right now.

Finding joy is not dependent upon our circumstances. It is dependent upon our CHOICES.

Will we choose to find joy despite our circumstances?

This is an important question, and your answer will either help or hinder your journey.

May we choose to find joy and enjoy the journey 👣


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