It is easy to do the expected thing, the usual thing, the normal thing. We are often encouraged not to dream, not to dare, and not to move in the direction of our dreams.

Dreamers are thought to be time wasters, lazy, or having their head in the clouds. This is as far from the truth as it is possible to be. Every great novel, poem, work of art, film, and invention started as a thought, a daydream or a silly notion. The creators of all these things had something in common: they all moved in the direction of their dreams!

Move in the direction of your dreams

Think of Martin Luther King crying out ‘I have a dream’. His dream became a movement that has transformed much of the world for the better.

Steve Jobs was fired from his own company, only to come back and transform how we use mobile technology.

What might we achieve if we were to really move in the direction of our dreams? What decisions would you need to make to align your reality to your dreams? What changes would you make to your life?

A million dreams | StuartWriting

To move in the direction of your dreams you might need to silence your internal negative chatterbox in your head. You might need to spend less time listening to the naysayers in your life who tell you to just stop dreaming. Let me encourage you to never stop dreaming: our world is the product of a million dreams come true!

Today I dare you to move in the direction of your dreams! You may find that following your dreams fills your life with more joy. You may notice you feel more hopeful. And you may find that you live with a deeper sense of personal purpose. We gave wine life and it really dies matter, so make it count in whatever ways you dream it should. And as you do…

…enjoy the journey 👣

Follow your dreams | StuartWriting


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