It is our roots that help us to stand tall in life. The depth of our character is not found in our actions (these are merely the evidence of our character).

True character begins deep down in the depths of our very heart and soul. Our attitudes, thoughts, and actions flow from our inner character.

Character is what we use to stand or fall in all of life’s trials and tribulations.

People of good character will always seek the best outcomes possible for those around them – this doesn’t mean that they act to please people, rather it means they will continue to make the kindest decisions possible for all concerned.

In your own journey of personal development, develop your character above all else.


5 responses to “Roots and depth of character”

  1. Anita White Avatar
    Anita White

    Hi Stuart,
    Difficult to read this knowing what is going on with you and Jenna. We love you both and are praying. If we can help in any way or you would like to reach out, do get in touch. Love Anita x


  2. Stuart Writing Avatar

    Thank you Anita. Really appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and I know Jen will too. Love to J and the kids x


  3. Geri Lawhon Avatar

    I love your definition of people of good character. Great post.


  4. Stuart Writing Avatar

    Hi Geri, thank you for the lovely encouragement and feedback. Stu


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