This morning I enjoyed a beautiful breakfast on my own in my apartment. It was a rare moment of cosy calmness that just made me smile with joy. Not every moment is like this though. Life is made of a million moments, some of them calm and cosy, while others are crazy and chaotic.

I think that to stay sane in our crazy world we need to create intentional ‘moments’ of enjoyment. I’m committed as always to finding the joyousness that is all around us, even in darkest times. Life is hard: I’ve learned this in the experiences I’ve already come through. If you are in the middle of a difficult life experience, take heart… it will pass and you will most likely be okay.

Life is also beautiful and it evokes strength, providing opportunities to be courageous, adventurous and brave (quick heads up to Walter Mitty). Bravery isn’t required in times of enjoyment and comfort. It is required in times danger, darkness and despair. Bravery helps us to push forward towards those calm moments that restore our souls in the most beautiful ways.

Finding joy in hard times requires us to be brave, because when life crushes you all you want to do is fall in a heap of despair and do nothing. And that’s how despair wins. By causing us to fall and not get up again.

So today I’m calling myself to attention. I’m calling myself to stand up stronger and to create those calm warm moments. I’m telling myself to be adventurous, brave and courageous.

If I get knocked down I will rise again to laugh in the storm.

If I sense despair I will dance like crazy till joy comes.

If I feel broken I will call on bravery to give me strength to phone a close friend and talk it out.

If I sense confusion I will call upon courage, prayer and thoughtfulness to clarify my thinking until I can take some positive intentional steps.

Above all, I will seek out joy. I will find it. And I will embrace it, because joy is the source of strength to the human spirit in the darkest of days.

Where do you need to be brave today?

What choices do you need to make today?

What do you do to create moments of joy in your life to pick yourself up?

What encouragement could you give someone today who needs an emotional or mental lift?

Feel free to put your ideas and thoughts in the comments – I’d love to read your feedback and ideas 😀

Keep finding the joy 👣


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