I love drinking my mint tea from this mug. I’m reminded every day that life is an adventure to be chosen.

The adventure mug of mint

It’s said that “choice, not chance, determines your destiny” and I believe that to be true. Life isn’t what only happens to you, although parts of it are – it’s impossible to control all things in our own lives and sometimes sh*t happens. In saying that, we do have a lot of control over the choices we make in life’s circumstances. The ability to make our own choices can be very powerful indeed!

For example, I cannot always stop someone from affecting me with their behaviours (whether positive or negative), but I can choose how I relate and respond to those behaviours. I can control my own attitudes, character, thoughts, and practical responses to what impacts my life.

We can also choose to live life as the greatest adventure, with all its highs and all its lows. Life is the full spectrum of what happens to us in our years on the planet. It can be beautiful and it can be full of battles and we can view it was a series of negative occurrences conspiring to overcome us, or as a Pollyanna positive (and unrealistic) set of circumstances. Life is a mixture of both positive and negative experiences and this requires us to live with a certain amount of risk and vulnerability. When we choose to respond and address each life circumstance we will find that much joy is spread upon the path of life as we embrace our own journey.

May we choose how to respond to life in ways that help us embrace love, joy and beauty. And as we do may we enjoy the journey 👣


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