Blossoms bow in the evening sun

Knowing not what to think

Their petals enchanting everyone

Glowing such beautiful pink

Stray blossom Avenue, Harrogate

I love when the blossoms come out – I suspect everybody does. They blossom annually and the bright colour illuminates people’s hearts and Instagram feeds for a few weeks. And then the blossoms die.

The trees work all year round to provide us with images of sheer unadulterated beauty. They strain and strive to draw goodness and nutrition from the earth so that they flower and burst forth in beautiful life.

And as they do we feel their joy. We see their hope. We receive their gift of beauty.

Flowers bursting with life

Whatever YOU are doing. Whatever you’re working on. Whatever you’re experiencing. Persevere. Keep on going. Life and healing and beauty and joy will eventually spring forth.

Draw strength from what is around you and let good things fill your heart so that what comes out of you is a blessing and a joy to others around you.

Enjoy the journey 👣


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