This morning I’m at a football tournament watching my daughter play. As they practiced shooting it struck me that all the teams practicing in that moment were only practicing scoring goals. No one was passing, tackling or communicating.


I suspect in every child’s mind there is the thought that they want to be the one who scores the winning goal – all the players want the glory!

It’s not a surprise – this is kids’ football.

But there comes a time when we all need to grow up and learn to be a team player, rather than just a glory player. The truth is that not everybody can score the goals. The team needs defenders, strikers, people on the wings. It needs people that can set up the goals; players who create opportunities; people who can pass accurately.

The best teams have a variety of skills and each one is vital, required and celebrated for their contribution. When Harry Kane scores for England he isn’t the winner – it’s the team that wins.

Teams form well before they can perform well

If we want to excel in anything it’s always best to be in a team. Teams will form us so that we can perform. Formation is a rough process, but without it there is no winning, no success, no glory.

Even the lone writer requires editors, publishers, critics and helpful friends to make their writing better, to become accomplished, and to eventually have their work published.

Organisations need each person to function according to their job roles in line with organisational mission, vision and values. We each make the organisation more effective, efficient and excellent by doing our part along with other team members.

So how about you?

In the Church we each help one another to grow as we all use our practical and spiritual gifts to make disciples and share in the mission of God. As a local preacher recently said: in God’s family everyone gets to play.

What teams are you on?

What support do you need to excel?

What team are you improving by your participation?

How are you being formed to perform at your best?


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