Two weeks till Christmas Day. We can adore Jesus any day, but there’s something special about remembering the coming of Jesus as a vulnerable baby.

King Herod was out to kill him. The wise men (rich dudes) came to honour him. The shepherds (poor and marginalised of society) came to worship him.

In the lead up to Christmas tonight I’m recalling that Jesus was born to be saviour of everybody from all backgrounds. The shepherds were locals; the wise guys were foreigners. Jesus was born to be saviour and king for all peoples, from all places and backgrounds. No one needed a VIP pass to see him or be with him. In his lifetime people pressed around him just to touch his clothes. He took his ministry from the centre to the margins because that’s where his story began, and that’s where it would end (on a cross outside the city walls). But that would not be the end. 2000 years later we can still come and adore him and call him Christ and Lord.

What does Jesus mean to you today? What will you give to him? A head nod, hatred, or your heart? He lets you choose. Will you adore him like he adores you this year and beyond?


One response to “Adore him if you want”

  1. mobwort Avatar

    Amen and amen – good one bro. Merry Christmas to you Stuart and to your family. Must have another chat soon.. whenever you’ve got some time 🙂

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