Far too many people have this fantastical idea that life is something that just happens to us. They have a fatalistic, destiny perspective that they have been handed life as it is, and that they have no control over how it all turns out. But this could not be further from the truth.

We start life at a certain point, in a certain place. Yes, some people are born into privilege, while others are born into poverty. Most are somewhere in between the two. It is important that you understand this:

The beginning is not the end.

The beginning point of life is a beachhead into the endless ocean of choices that you can make. It is your choices that will determine much of your life. There are things you can choose for yourself. Like education, jobs, girlfriends, life partner. There are hard choices to make, like how you will respond to negative life events. Life can be tough, but you can make toucher choices to navigate the storms. Choose wisely and choose for yourself. Never make a choice because it’s what someone else thinks are right or good for you: Make choices because you believe they are good for you. If you don’t believe it’s good for you, make another choice. Seriously… why would anybody make a choice that is bad for themselves?

And yet people do it all the time. Don’t be that person! Make your own choices.

Every choice that you make will lead you somewhere: either to success or to failure. Or somewhere in between. Never fear failure. Some of the best decisions have come because of failure. Some of the best inventions, relationships, and experiences are the aftermath of the deepest failures. Failure can teach you to choose more wisely next time around. Do not let failure stop you from making choices. Choices will determine your destiny, for better or worse, so make bold, wise choices. And do not be afraid.

Respond, don’t React

You will experience the rough side of life at some point. You may have your heart broken; lose a job; Argue with family; fail stuff; and worse.  Some circumstances you will never be able to control, but the one thing you can control is your own self. Self-control is an amazing character trait. Character is everything. It determines the person you are, and the person you might become.

Do not ever underestimate the value of good, strong character. It will guide you through every aspect and challenge of life.


One response to “Choice, not chance, determines your destiny”

  1. Miracleigi Avatar

    Wow so touching


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