Not every day or week or month or even year is a good one. Some days we feel like the little boat below – washed up; stuck in the mud; in need of some care.

Storms pass and things get better – Someone reminded me of that this morning. Things do get better:

Struggles become celebrations.
Breakdown becomes the path to breakthrough.
Dark valleys become spacious fields.

I’m reminded that Psalm 23 talks about “when you pass through the valley of the shadow of death” God walks with us. So we can keep on walking because the company is the most trustworthy, loving, and comforting.

I’m reminded that we do ‘pass through’.

Be grateful tonight for the blessings of today: For the friends who refuse to stop walking with you. For God who leads you into better days.

One day the things that try to sink you might just be the waves that will take you on your greatest adventures with Jesus.

Keep seeking the face of Jesus, and make the pursuit of his presence your “One Thing” (Psalm 27)


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