Life circumstances have  a way of knocking us down. It can be relentless sometimes. Money issues, redundancy, the school bully, or the daily grind. We all get knocked down at some point.

What knocks you down?

What makes you not want to get up again?

There’s this story of a father who comes to Jesus because his little girl is ill in bed. In fact, she’s dying. His little girl has been knocked down and she’s not gonna get back up again. And her father is desperate. So he goes looking for Jesus. When we’re desperate we look for help, or answers, or vices. But he goes looking for Jesus. He’s heard the rumours that this guy is the real deal. So he pounds the pavements searching.

Often we wait until we are desperate before we go looking for Jesus. And that’s okay, because he wants us to seek after him, and he lets us do it in our own time.

So the father takes Jesus to his house. The mourners are there mourning; the neighbours are there gossiping; and the daughter is there dying. And Jesus walks into the room. He doesn’t get caught up in the distractions. He goes to be present with this little dying girl.

And he speaks to her..

“Little girl, get up”.

And she does. She gets up. And she’s healed. And now she’s not dying.

Today be like the father: go seeking for Jesus,

Or be like the little girl: do what Jesus tells you.

Because when he steps into the room with you – everything changes.


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