“If I can just touch His cloak”

The sneaky woman slunk through the crowds, fear pressing in on her heart, pushing her forward and pulling her back.

“If I can just touch”.

Simple words of faith bringing years of pain, suffering, isolation and rejection into the sphere of Jesus’ love grace and mercy.  Someone has been talking about Jesus and she has heard the stories, the rumours, the possibilities.

And so she journeys to Jesus. She takes fearful steps of faith into the crowd. From the margins to the personal body space of Jesus, and she reaches out to him.

“If I can just touch His cloak”.

She reaches out. She touches his cloak. Silently and stealthily she puts out her hand and in that moment her life  transformed. Power flows from Jesus into her fragile broken body. Healing power from heaven is transferred and she is made whole, healed, restored.

Where do you need to reach out to Jesus today? Where can you draw near to him in desperate faith?

What might Jesus do for you as you reach out to be closer to him?


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