A certain preacher, whose sermons brought many to Christ, received a revelation from God that it was not his sermons or works that brought people to the LORD, but that it was an illiterate lay brother who regularly sat on the pulpit stairs pleading to God in prayer for the sermon to be successful.

Perhaps, when God reveals all things, we will be surprised to learn that it was not our sermon preparation, our excellent communication, or our connection with the congregation that brought people to Jesus. Perhaps it is the simple prayers of the most unassuming, but quietly godly person whose prayers were gold, pure silver and precious stones, while our sermonising, being largely separated from any real prayer, have been but hay and stubble.

This was adapted from a story by Charles Haddon Spurgeon, who was given the a place ‘prince of preachers’

The most important activity of any Christian leader is prayer. It is a key role of leadership to seek first the face of Jesus in all things, and to reflect His glory back to the church. When the leader leads with prayer and brings Jesus into the heart of the church to be the head of the church, the church will grow in the likeness of Christ.

“The thing far above all other things in the equipment of the preacher (or leader) is prayer. Before everything else, the must be a man or woman who makes prayer their speciality”

– E M Bounds.

It’s also important that we don’t leave responsibility for prayer in the hands of Christian Leaders alone. Any who claim to be followers of Jesus are consistently encouraged through all of scripture to ‘watch and pray’- it’s something we are all called to. We are to be a praying people, following hard after the example of Jesus.

It strikes me that many claim to be ‘filled with the spirit’ yet live lives devoid of the Holy Spirit’s presence and power. This changes through prayer: when we seek God and bring him into our lives and church through persevering petitioning prayer, God transforms us.

May we seek the presence of God in prayer 🙏🏽


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