The photo below isn’t quite the Insta-life photo that social media likes, but this is real life. We like to put up the photos that highlight trips and adventures (and I myself have posted a few recently) but those moments aren’t our lives – they are moments of memory and fun in our lives, but they are impossible without the many moments of #reallife we all experience.

We get tired! Tyres need replaced! Banter with mechanics. These are all the stuff of living our best lives. Enjoy every moment you can and capture even the mundane and ordinary things – often those make the best moments x


2 responses to “Real life beats insta-life”

  1. mobwort Avatar

    Thanks Stuart – must chat soon bro


  2. mobwort Avatar

    Thanks Stuart – as it happens I had to get a new tyre myself last week. Must speak soon, GB, Rod


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